Simple...Easy... Witnessing to Mormons at Your Door

(and Jehovah's Witnesses too -- see part 2) 

       This method involves just 2 simple steps: a question based on scriptures, and a gospel paper to place in their hand.  This is not intended to be an in-depth study on how to handle dialogues with LDS and witness to them beyond the "at the door" situation. It is acknowledged that on-going witness requires study and preparation because of terminology differences, among other 'cultural' differences. BUT...  we miss a GOLDEN opportunity when Mormons come to our door wanting to talk about spiritual things and we are not ready for them. Here is how to be ready.

        ARE MORMONS REALLY LOST? If we are not sure on this point, we will not be motivated to witness to them. We cannot paint with too broad a brush, but it would appear that those who are following the LDS "laws and ordinances of the gospel" are in direct violation of the statements found in Galatians 1:6-9 by not preaching a gospel of grace.  Galatians 5:4 says to those who are trying to be justified by lawkeeping that Christ is of no effect to them. I MUST have the effect of Christ's sacrifice or I am lost! "But they believe in Christ," you might say. Romans 11:6 indicates we cannot COMBINE a belief in the grace of Christ with our works in order to be saved.  Grace is no longer grace when you combine it with works, and without grace...we are lost. They have REDEFINED grace to mean the opposite of what it means in the Bible! "It is by grace that we are saved, after all that we can do." (II Nephi 25:23) THAT is works, and works nullify grace.  Eph. 2:8-9 is clear that we are saved by grace; if their grace is really works....are they saved?  I don't think so!  Some who have been drawn into the church may have known the truth but just not become mature in their spiritual growth, so I am not going to say  ALL  Mormons are lost.   I do think most of them are. 

     So let's prepare!  Write somewhere in the back of your Bible the following cues: "LDS: Rev. 20:15 and Rev.21:24-27. What other options?."   Next, print out a couple copies of the study papers   IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS and place them in your Bible. 

     The third thing to do is to begin praying regularly IN ADVANCE that God will enable you to share the gospel in love and power with them.  This is a spiritual battle, but we have the weapons of the Word of God which is sharp and powerful, and is the power of God unto  salvation, and the Holy Spirit in us.  I have heard (and experienced) instances of missionaries who, upon entering the home of a Christian, sensed that their  'spirit' left them.  ! !   Think about that!  

     When they come, ask missionaries at the door if they would answer a Bible question. Get your Bible and have them read the two passages in Revelation. (Use King James Version, or read from their copy of the Bible.) Then ask the question:  What other options can there be besides name in the book and name not in the book?   This is really the only thing I ask you to memorize.  Notice in the second passage that there is free access between the new heaven and earth, making it essentially ONE place.  The Mormon three glories are separated.   In 25-plus years of witnessing to LDS, I have never gotten a good answer to that key question. Think about it. There can be no other choices. This takes away their 'safety nets' of the 3 Degrees of Glory. Until this confusion of "how many destinations" is dealt with one cannot talk "salvation" and be on the same page.  They will have no fear of punishment, thinking that if they miss the top heaven (Celestial Glory), they will still gain one of the others(terrestrial glory or telestial glory). They do not see any of these levels of GLORY as a negative.  So you might say that this is important to do to get them "lost" so they will realize they need to be saved.   

     Here is what normally will happen: They have two proof texts and will turn to them.  They are easy to answer.  I Cor. 15:39-41.  Their translation adds to this passage a "telestial" glory.  No manuscript evidence supports this.  But the key is the SUBJECT of this passage.  Just back up a few verses and point out that the word bodies is found in verses 35, 38 and also in 44.  Point out that what I am going to be is not the same as where I am going to be.  (Note: Celestial means heavenly; terrestrial means this passage is just contrasting what my body will be like compared to what it is like now.)  The second passage is II Cor. 12:2 which mentions Paul was caught up to the third heaven.   Point out that what any of the 3 heavens are is NOT DEFINED here.  Explain that the culture then generally believed that the first heaven was the sky (inner space), the second outer space, and the third, God's "space".  Insist that there is no reason to believe what they want to read into this when it contradicts Rev. 20-21.  (Just for your info:  Doctrine and Covenants 101:65-66 also agrees with the two destinations only idea, and the Book of Mormon never teaches the 3 degrees idea anywhere, yet claims to be the fullness of the gospel.  More on this issue is at my other website mentioned below.)

   Beyond this...since they cannot answer the question and refuse to be put in a corner or admit they are teaching something contrary to the Bible, they will dodge the issue. They will either change the subject, or say they have to get going to another appointment or they will "bear you their testimony" that they know the church is true, the prophet is a prophet of God and the Book of Mormon is true.  Any of these actions are to me a victory signal.   The testimony is a "default" option for them when they cannot answer questions.  It is sad, but this "feelings" or "burning in the bosom" testimony for many of them is more valid than the evidence we present.  But we are to sow seeds and pray that God will open the blinded eyes.  Do not let them change the subject until you emphasize that this is an all-or-none issue.  If their revelation is wrong, the game is over. It means their plan of salvation is incorrect and their prophet lied in the Doctrine and Covenants 76 revelation of the 3 Degrees of Glory.   But YOU then can change the subject by going to the last step. 

     (Step 2) Bring out the study paper and ask, "Have you heard "much" about this teaching?". (OK, two questions to remember.  You can write the words Heard much? in your Bible if you wish.)  The TRUTH is that none of them will have heard anything about it, because it is found NOWHERE in any of their writings. But we do not want to embarrass them, so use the word "much" so they will not have to admit knowing nothing about the teaching. This study paper is actually a "back door" way to present the gospel.  Another good thing is that it uses terminology they are not prepared to "counter" with any arguments. So it is a wonderful way to get the underlying essence of the gospel into their hands.  OFFER THEM the paper to keep and read. (You have access to more.)  You might suggest that after they read it they could come back and share their reaction to the study paper with you. If they hesitate to take it, point to the subtitle and ask if they wouldn't want to deepen their faith. (You should read it and be able to say that it has done that for's good teaching!)  While they are told not to take any literature critical of their faith, this is an approach that works because it is just positive Bible teaching and is the gospel, and that is where the power is to reach hearts according to Romans 1:16.

     Whether you encourage them to return is your choice, but if you do, you should be prepared.  My whole website - can help.  They will want to do missionary lessons.  That is what they are trained to do.  At my website is an article that talks about what you will be told if you decide to take the first lesson, and how to respond to it.  You should not fear a question you can't answer, because you can always say "I don't know, but I will find out." I am always available to answer questions. (

     There HAVE been cases of LDS missionaries being won to Christ on their mission. But it is rare.  Your goal is to plant seeds of truth about salvation by grace....that may later bear fruit.  Some of these dear young people harbor doubts even on their mission. So do not be afraid to witness to them.  Another interesting bit of information is that some of these people have been told that if they do not actually have that burning bosom "witness" themselves, they can  "borrow" someone else's testimony until they get their own.   Not very honest, is it?

     Now make a point to pray specifically and if you feel hesitant, practice the plan on someone.   You CAN do this!  **

- - - - - - -

OTHER METHODS? Yes there are other methods, and they are not wrong. The false Mormon view of God is a big issue.  There is a good dialogue at on the topic of God.  Here are scriptures one can share with Mormons on this topic:Isaiah 43:11, 44:6-8, 24; 45:5, 6, 18, 46:6; 48:11-12, Numbers 28:19; Colossians 1:16, and John 1:1-3.  But many methods "out there" involve more interchange than many Christians may feel comfortable with.  Consider this:  Mormons will never be saved until we get around to the topic of salvation. This approach STARTS with that, gives a fresh gospel message to them, and "unmuddies" the (salvation issue) water by exposing the false idea of the 3 heavens, which gives them security.  This approach is far simpler than others, and it is new. (May, 2013) 

I am convinced we can slow down the missionary efforts in a big way if we get the word out to Christians everywhere(encouraging them that they CAN do this) and take advantage of the opportunity on our doorsteps.   You can help do that if you just tell the Christians you know about this plan.  If you have a burden and want to do more than that in reaching out to LDS... contact me. I would love to visit with you.  If a Mormon is reading this and feels I have "missed the mark" somehow about the 3 heavens or imputed righteousness... I'd love to talk to you as well.


Here is an even simpler way to witness to Jehovah's Witnesses... Write the following passage along with the letters JW in the back of your Bible.  When they come,  have them read Philippians 2:9-10 which says Jesus Christ HAS (already!) been exalted and given a name above every name, that at his name every knee should bow... ask them if HIS name is the one they honor above all (they honor Jehovah's name and do not equate it with Jesus; they do not worship Jesus)...and if they say no... tell them they need to Honor Him just as God has honored Him.

At this point you can do step 2 above, offering the study page in exactly the same way described.  Once again...these are people who have never heard the teaching of Imputed Righteousness presented and are working to be "righteous" enough to please God by their works. 

Prepare now and be ready YOU CAN DO THIS! 


**PLEASE PLEASE let me know how it goes.  Your feedback will be very helpful!


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