Eternal Progression?

There are some all-important questions most Latter-Day Saints have not thought through
relating to their teaching of The Law of Eternal Progression.

1.  That teaching includes Joseph Smith's little-known statement that all Gods were first men (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pages 345-346;  King Follett Discourse; Times and Seasons, pp 613-614.)  In fact Gospel Principles (last page) says this is the FIRST PRINCIPLE OF THE GOSPEL: to know God dwelt on an earth as Jesus did. (Hmmm...why is this not brought up until the last page of the book?)   

   The basic question then becomes: Who created the earth that the very first God lived on as a man?  If we say that that world evolved... we are abandoning the Bible's statements that ALL that exists (heavens and earth, visible and invisible (doesn't that cover everything?) was made by God and Christ, and NOTHING was made apart from them, and we turn Genesis 1-2 into a fairy tale. (Gen. 1:1, John 1:1-3, Col. 1:17)   Ultimately we are back to the fact that there can be no creation without there first being a creator -- and that is just what we are told in Genesis 1:1 --  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

2.  A law creates?  To suggest that the first God was elevated or exalted to Godhood by a LAW is to suggest that a "law" could monitor the life of that first man and judge it and then exert the creative power at the right time to exalt that person to Godhood. So in reality, we are not talking about a simple law,  (gravity can't turn frogs to princes) but rather a powerful, moral, knowing being. Who would that have been, with such power, if not a "God"? So was the first "God" elevated to power by a previous "God"?   It just can't be. Somewhere along the line there has to be the very FIRST self-sufficient God with creative power intact.

3.  Who's on first?  To suggest some supreme power exists, whose name we do not know, who elevates men to godhood, is to DETRACT from all the superlatives attributed to our God throughout the Bible: highest, ONLY God, all-powerful, above all, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, creator of all powers and dominions... etc. How could God say such things knowing He is answerable to a greater power over Him?  Are those statements lies? If HE deserves worship, how much MORE the one who made Him what He is?   An all-wise God would not mislead us like that on such an important issue as His character and who the "big boss" really is...and He said point blank that He KNOWS OF NO OTHER such god. (Isaiah 44:8) God invented language -- He would not accidentally misuse it in such a way!  He would have HAD to know about the God he was to obey to become a god! 

4.  Can men become gods?  We as followers of Christ WILL be LIKE Him in many ways...  but there is a statement in Doctrine and Covenants  76:95 that seems actually ...  blasphemous... to me.  It says that  some will be equal in power and might and dominion to God.  (See also D&C 88:107 and 132:20.)      Look, there can only be ONE person that fits the title of "ALMIGHTY God" .   In John 17 Jesus calls the Father the ONLY true God.  (See article mentioned below.)   At the end of the book of Revelation it pictures the new heaven and earth as a place where we will be God's people, and He, our God, (21:3), and in 22:3, it speaks of His servants -- no mention of equals.   Followers of Christ are called His "bride" -- the Bible states wives are to be subject to husbands.  And in Colossians 1:16 and Ephesians 1:21 CHRIST is described as over all, the name above ALL names, the one to  whom all knees will bow.  It says He has all the might, power and dominion in this world and the world to come.   We may share in his power, but we will never have dominion over God as He has dominion over us.

5.  Another issue:   LDS see God as a resurrected being, then elevated to Godhood.  The idea that the God I worship who says He is unchanging, eternal and perfect was ever a man who lived, and died on some earth is repugnant to me BECAUSE the only reason people die is because they sin according to the Bible.  MY GOD NEVER EVER SINNED. 

6.  This is just an observation.  For me the ULTIMATE JOY I can look forward to is described in Psalm 16:11 where it says in God's PRESENCE is fullness of joy. King David (Psalm 23) said he was going to "dwell in the house of the Lord forever."   But for the LDS person the "top" exaltation would take them into the realm of their own planet and as I understand it away from God to be their own god.  In the Bible the ultimate punishment is to be separated from God.  It  just all seems backwards to me. 

7.  De-glorifying God?

I see a pattern stemming from the eternal progression teaching....
each issue I have raised diminishes or demotes or plays down
the glorious character of the true God!

THAT is an extremely dangerous thing to do!    


A significant article that discusses the doctrine of God is this one: Are LDS Christians?

(Our different view of God is one major thing that separates us but not the only issue.)


*Times and Seasons, Vol. 5, pp. 613-614