Mormonism's Counterfeit God

The easiest way to spot counterfeit money is to study it, side by side, with the real thing.  So here is a study of the Mormon "God".


The Biblical God created everything           The LDS God only reorganized existing matter

The Biblical God has always been God       The LDS God was first a man, and perhaps

                                                                      before that, did not exist, unless in some

                                                                      spirit-form in some heaven run by another God

The Biblical God is perfectly just                The LDS God commanded Adam and Eve not to

                                                                      eat the fruit, and commanded them to reproduce,

                                                                      but the story is they had to eat the fruit to reproduce.

The Biblical God is the ONLY God.           The LDS God is one of many -- no one knows how many.

The Biblical God is self-sufficient               The LDS God was elevated to godhood by someone who

                                                                       obviously had to have more power than he had

The Biblical God has perfect memory          The LDS God doesn't even remember who elevated him

                                                                       to Godhood (see Isaiah 43:11)

The Biblical God is God over all possible    The LDS God lives on Kolob, but other gods are over

worlds or universes.                                       other worlds

The Biblical God has ALL the power           The LDS God will allow others to be equal to him in power

                                                                       (D&C 88:107)

The Biblical God is 100% righteous             The LDS God technically committed incest with Mary.

The Biblical God is everywhere present       The LDS God had to have Jesus report back to him

                                                                       what he did in the creation days (temple drama)

The Biblical God preserved His Word          The LDS God allowed it to be corrupted and lost

The Biblical God preserved His church        The LDS God allowed it to die of a universal apostasy

The Biblical God cannot be measured in      The LDS God (they say) is an exalted man, perhaps
literal terms. He is a spirit, John 4:24,             around 6 ft. tall.
Isa. 40:12; also He says heaven is His
throne, and earth His footstool

The Biblical God is all-wise                          The LDS God couldn't figure out for around 1700 years

                                                                        how to remedy the total apostasy problem.