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It makes no difference which conceptual 'door' you enter to seek LDS salvation....all turn out to be dead ends:

1. JUSTIFICATION, according to the book, Mormon Doctrine (topic Justification) is gained by performing "in righteousness" all covenants, contracts, bonds, obligations, oaths, vows, performances, connections, associations, or expectations. (page 408) In other words... all you do must be done righteously. Mormon Doctrine also says "no person will add to his position or glory in the hereafter by gaining an unearned blessing." (What is grace if not an unearned blessing? There's no grace in LDS Salvation!) Although one is supposedly 'saved' by Christ's atonement, "it becomes operative in the life of an individual only on conditions of personal righteousness." (You are declared sinless when you ARE!)

2. THE ATONEMENT (Mormon Doctrine, page 62) brings spiritual life "in all who believe and obey the gospel law." Eternal life is the reward for OBEDIENCE to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel (3rd article of faith).

3. BAPTISM is the means of acceptance of "all of the terms and conditions of the eternal gospel covenant." "Man covenants to abide by all (!) of the laws and requirements of the whole gospel." (Mormon Doctrine, topic Baptism). "If men will do these things then the Lord will give them the companionship of the Holy Ghost." and they will be on the road to eternal life. But if you break your covenant, you lose the Spirit, and you don't gain eternal life. Compare Heb. 13:5, John 6:47, Rom. 6:23

4. FORGIVENESS (Mormon Doctrine, page 292) comes to those who (1) have a Godly sorrow for sin, (2) Abandon the sin, (3) Confess the sin, (4) Make restitution for the sin when necessary and (5) "Obedience to ALL law" "Complete forgiveness is reserved for those only who turn their whole hearts to the Lord and begin to keep ALL of his commandments - not just those commandments disobeyed in the past, but those in all fields." D & C 1:31-32 says, God will not make the least allowance for sin, but "he that repents and does the commandments of the Lord shall be forgiven."

5. TRYING TO OBEY. Spencer Kimball, a past President and Prophet in the Church, stated in the book, "The Miracle of Forgiveness" that trying is not sufficient. "To try is weak....We must always do better than we can." (pg. 165) LDS point out that this is to be done through God's power. But God has never promised to make us sinless - I John 1:8, 10, John 7:19, Romans 3:23 (for all keep on falling short of God's glory is the literal translation).

6. REPENTANCE (Mormon Doctrine, pg. 630) is a PROCESS whereby sinners can cast off our burden of guilt and "wash away the filth of iniquity, and become clean every whit." It is essential to includes conviction of sin, sorrow for sin, contrite spirit, desire to be relieved of the burden of sin and a fixed determination to FORSAKE his evil ways and confess his sins. Hel. 14:13 says one is forgiven if they repent of all sins. Biblically, the word repent means a CHANGE or turn-around. Thus to repent of every sin would mean to QUIT every sin. D & C 58:43 says the same thing. Again it is simply a requirement to be sinless.

7. REPEATING SINS: According to Miracle of Forgiveness, page 169, forgiveness is cancelled if one reverts back to a sin. (See D & C 82:7). In view of the fact that there are 1050 commands in the new testament alone, what chance do we have? Page 170 says, "Those who feel they can sin and be forgiven and then return to sin and be forgiven again and again, must straighten out their thinking. Each previously forgiven sin is added to the new one, and the whole gets to be a heavy load." Whatever happened to "their sins and iniquities will I remember no more?" (Heb. 10:17) Why would the Lord ask US to repeatedly forgive (70 x 7) if He isn't willing to forgive more than 3 times? On Page 176 in the chapter titled "Abandonment of Sin" the prophet states, "Discontinuance of the sin must be permanent."

8. BOOK OF MORMON STATEMENTS: I Nephi 3:7 indicates God gives no commandments without making a way for us to accomplish them. IF this is so, any disobedience would be a "less-than-best-effort" and disqualify one according to what the LDS say II Nephi 25:23 means! God's commandments were given to SHOW us how sinful we are. The truth is that Galatians 3:10 calls the law a curse because no one could live up to it!. It only had 613 rules... so how much MORE difficult would a new covenant "law-gospel" of 1050+ rules be?? Mosiah 4:29-30 says there are more sins than can be numbered, and if you don't observe the commandments, "ye must perish." Mosiah 5:5 has people covenanting with God to "be obedient to his commandments in all things, that we may not bring upon ourselves a never-ending torment...and drink of the wrath of God." Sounds like programmed failure to me.

9. DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS STATEMENTS: 136:2 "And this shall be our covenant...that we will walk in all the ordinances of the Lord." 136:37 says this is to include all God's words from the time of Adam to the present.... About how many commandments would that be? Then verse 42 says, "Be diligent in keeping all (!) my commandments, lest judgments come upon you and your faith fail you and your enemies triumph over you. LDS may wonder why it seems so hard to live up to all this (I know some do - I have read their testimonies once they left the church)... the fault is not with the person, but with the is programmed failure.

10. TEMPLE VOWS: Patrons are not given a written copy of the five covenants to study either before, during, or after the ceremony.... How could they be sincere in making them if they haven't seen them in writing ahead of time? What are the vows? One says "to sacrifice all that we possess, even our own lives if necessary, in sustaining and defending the Kingdom of God." How many have sacrificed all they possess? A second re-echoes this one: "You do consecrate yourselves, your time, talents, and everything with which the Lord has blessed you, or with which he may bless you, to the Church..." Everything? Look around you folks.... it isn't being kept. But Satan threatens the patrons that if they don't "walk up to" (keep) the commandments they will be in his power. Once again...... programmed failure. Ecclesiastes 5:5 in essence says it is better not to vow, than to vow a vow you can't keep. The temple vows are NOT pleasing to God....they are not made willingly, knowingly, they are not realistic....they are not being kept. Yet these are supposedly the way to eternal life?


In the past, I have spent many hours, probably over 300, in discussing with LDS whether or not one can "keep the commandments."  I realize LDS are convinced that it is somehow do-able, even though the Bible says otherwise in Romans 3:10-23 and I John 1:8-10. (also Eccl. 7:20) But I noticed something.... even though in THEORY these people were willing to try to show me that there is some way to make this plan work.... when I start asking them how THEY are doing on obeying.... the "temperature" changes. It often becomes none of my business. Look... if it won't work for the average person... forget it! If it isn't working for YOU, who are you to tell ME I'm wrong to be warning you about the plan??? The notion that anyone is obeying the "rules" when nobody has a concrete, authorized list of them is pretty ridiculous. Where's the list? How many rules are there? All you have to do is start at the top (the summary commands) and you are dead in the water... do you "love the Lord your God with ALL you heart and ALL your soul and ALL your strength and ALL your mind? Do you love your neighbor as yourself? To do so, Jesus said, would result in selling ALL you have and giving it to the poor (Matt. 19). ALL! Well... that settles it. Let's be real... let's be honest. Don't you realize that commandment-keeping has NEVER been God's plan of salvation? Even in the Old Testament, the commands were to regulate their earthly lives, but their salvation (forgiveness) came thru shed blood. THAT is what we are to trust in.

Folks, there is one book in the new testament which God has specified as a "roadmap" for eternal life (John - see John 20:31)... read it from start to finish and you will see that all these LDS "doors" I described above are false ones... I DARE YOU! Some 63 times in John it tells us to believe to have eternal life. Just read John 3:16, 5:24, 6:47, 10:28-30, 14:6 The roadmap does NOT teach faith plus obedience equals salvation SOMEDAY .... it says salvation/forgiveness is mine NOW....when I believe. THAT is a do-able plan, and the only one God is offering you!