Mormons In Shock
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Our modern revelations have simply clarified some of these issues by giving the full picture.

No.... they have muddied things up! For example, one of these two statements is logically a lie:

1. D&C 76:32-37 says the "only ones on whom the second death shall have any power" are the sons of perdition( in the lake of fire).

2. D&C 63:17 says others will be in the lake of fire...the fearful, the unbelieving, all liars, whores, sorcerers. And it calls it the second death. There are a whole LOT of people who fit the description of unbelieving. If these folks are IN that fire, it has full power over them.

This only complicates the original problem... Rev. 20:15 says ALL whose names are not in the Book of Life will end up in the lake of fire, and Rev. 21:24-27 indicates that those whose names ARE in the book of life will have access to the very throne of God....that sounds like celestial glory to me. So Biblically, it is either celestial glory or the Lake of fire....So what happened to those other two levels?

Now this is just ONE example, but in my article on the Book of Mormon I have several charts listing other examples of how the new revelations contradict the Bible.

There are dozens of contradictions created in the LDS standard them for yourself: "Facts and Feelings: Evaluating the Book of Mormon" (see items # 8 and 10)