Mormons In Shock
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So you just believe and then go out and live any old way you want to?

That's just a license to sin!

NO...I have stated (discussion of James 2) that good works will be the result of having put our faith in Christ's shed blood as sufficient to bring forgiveness/justification/salvation.

It is a package deal in that when we believe the Holy Spirit enters our life (Gal. 3:14) and His presence is there to change us. One could say the Spirit changes our "want-to" Philippians 2:13 speaks of God being in us to will and do of His good pleasure. This has proven true in my life and the lives of those in my church and other churches I have had association with - it is true of all genuine Christians. One who says I believe, and then lives exactly as before did not receive the Spirit, and was not saved. John 10:28 says God's sheep hear his voice, and He knows them, and they follow Him. But as I said before... let's not confuse cause and effect. It is Biblical to say I know I HAVE (present tense) eternal life (I John 5:13). God WANTS us to have that assurance so we can relax and serve Him out of love, not fear.

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