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Don't you realize the scriptures you quote may not be trustworthy?

I am aware that LDS have been taught that. The reasons I disagree are spelled out in detail in an article entitled, "Beware Mormonism's Attacks Against the Bible" which I would ask you to here.

But before you do, let me add that most of the scriptures I cite from the King James Version in support of my view read the same in the Joseph Smith Translation. One fellow suggested that that translation was never finished. Well, that is not what it says in History of the church, Vol. 1, page 368. After I told him that, he then suggested that the "restoration" or correction of the Bible's truths by Smith was only partial. As I view what was NOT corrected (to fit current LDS teaching), it would appear some MAJOR things were left unchanged. Can you just see God directing Smith to correct the minor error in verse 5, but skipping over the major one in verse 8? If that is how the Mormon God does things... well.... I would have to say I could have done it better myself. The God I believe in never allowed the scriptures to be corrupted so as to need such a restoration, and would not do a half-way job if a correction was needed.