Mormons In Shock
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If you claim no personal authority, what right do you have to condemn some else's faith?

I am not condemning or bashing or persecuting or nit-picking .... I'm not doing anything to cause anyone harm. I AM warning you to PREVENT you from the spiritual harm of the lake of fire. Literally 10s (possibly hundreds)of millions of Christians throughout the ages have lost their lives because of their faith in Christ. Now THAT is what persecution is all about.

My authority? I am merely telling what the WORD OF GOD has already that most LDS are unaware of. One does not need fancy credentials to simply say, "Beware of danger ahead."

Fact is...God used Baalam's donkey to give him a warning. (-8

This warning is the most LOVING act I know of to do... if it is true. If I didn't care about you folks, I'd just say... let them discover the deception after they die. So, again, I ask you to evaluate whether I'm telling the truth. I long ago heard that with LDS, "if they can't fault the message, they will attack the messenger"... so let's get back to the real issue, OK? Is the warning true?